a lonely place, in cpd. vana˚; DN.i.71; Pp.59 etc., a wilderness in the forest, explained by Bdhgh as “gāmantaṃ atikkamitvā manussānaṃ anupacāra-ṭṭhānaṃ yattha na kasanti na vapanti” DN-a.i.210; Ud.43 (patthañ ca sayan’ āsanaṃ, ed.; but better with id. p. Dhp.185 as pantañ, which is explained at Dhp-a.iii.238 by “vivittaṃ, i, e. separately). Cp. with this Sk. vana-prastha a forest situated on elevated land.

fr. pa + sthā. Cp. Epic Sk. prastha plateau


a Prastha (certain measure of capacity) = 1/4 of an Āḷhaka; a cooking utensil containing one Prastha Dhp-a.ii.154; Snp-a.476 (cattāro patthā āḷhakaṃ).

cp. late Sk. prastha