to wish for, desire, pray for, request, long for SN.iv.125; SN.v.145; Snp.114 Snp.899; Thig.341; Mnd.312, Mnd.316; Pp-a 208 (āsaṃsati +) Pv-a.148; Sdhp.66, Sdhp.319; ppr. patthento Pv-a.107 patthayanto Ja.i.66 (paramâbhisaṃbodhiṃ); patthayaṃ Snp.70 (= icchanto patthayanto abhijappanto Cnd.392) patthayamāna MN.i.4; Snp.902; Ja.i.259; Dhp-a.iii.193; Pv-a.226 (= āsiṃsamāna); & patthayāno; Snp.900; Iti.67 Iti.115
grd patthetabba Pv-a.96, patthayitabba Pv-a.95, and patthiya which only occurs in neg. form apatthiya what ought not to be wished Ja.iv.61; Pv.ii.6#7 (= apatthayitabbaṃ Pv-a.95); Dhp-a.i.29; also as napatthiya (med.) one who does not wish for himself Snp.914 (cp. Cnd.337)
pp patthita (q.v.).

pa + arth, cp. Sk. prārthayati