1. to send forth, set going Vin.i.87 (assūni); SN.ii.282 (id.) Ja.i.147 (selagulaṃ pavaṭṭ˚); esp. in phrase dhammacakkaṃ p. to inaugurate the reign of righteousness Vin.i.8, Vin.i.11; MN.i.171; SN.iii.86; Snp.693; Mil.20, Mil.343; Vv-a.165; Pv-a.21, etc.
  2. to cause, produce, make arise Ja.ii.102 (mah’ oghaṃ); Mil.219.
  3. to give forth bestow, give (dānaṃ a gift) Vin.iv.5 (spelt ṭṭ); Pv-a.19 Pv-a.123, Pv-a.139.
  4. to continue, keep on, practise, go on with Dhp-a.i.257; Pv-a.29 (attabhāvaṃ), Pv-a.42 (kammante)
  5. to move about, behave, linger Dhp-a.i.14 (ṭṭ).
  6. to display, execute, wield, enforce Mil.189 (āṇaṃ cp. āṇāpavatti)

pp pavattita (q.v.).

Caus. of pavattati