1. the Pavāraṇā, a ceremony at the termination of the Vassa Vin.i.155, Vin.i.160 (where 2 kinds cātuddasikā & pannarasikā); Vin.ii.32. Vin.ii.167; DN.ii.220; SN.i.190. pavāraṇaṃ ṭhapeti to fix or determine the (date of) P. Vin.ii.32, Vin.ii.276. Later two kinds of this ceremony (festival) are distinguished, viz. mahā˚; the great P. and -saṅgaha, an abridged P. (see DN-a.i.241; Ja.i.29, Ja.i.82, Ja.i.193 (mahā˚); Vism.391 (id.); Snp-a.57 (id.) Vv-a.67 (id.); Pv-a.140 (id.).
  2. satisfaction Vism.71.

pa + vṛ; cp. BSk. pravāraṇā Divy.91, Divy.93; whereas Epic Sk. pravāraṇa, nt., only in sense of “satisfaction”