1. “to sit close round,” i.e. to attend on (acc.), to honour, pay homage, worship DN.i.47; DN.ii.257; MN.ii.117, SN.i.146; AN.i.124, AN.i.126, AN.i.142; AN.iv.337; Dhp.64 Dhp.65; Thag.1236; (imper. ˚upāsaya); Pv.ii.9#61 Pp.26, Pp.33; Snp-a.401; Vb-a.457 (here defined by Bdhgh as “punappunaṃ upasankamati”)
    ppr -upāsanto SN.v.67 = Iti.107; Pv-a.44; and upāsamāna Dhp-a.ii.32-aor. -upāsiṃ AN.iv.213 (Bhagavantaṃ); Pv-a.50. ger. -upāsiya DN.ii.287.
  2. to visit Vin.i.214 (ger -upāsitvā); Vin.iv.98

pp payirupāsiṭa (q.v.).

pari + upa + ās, with metathesis as in payirudāharati