1. means, instrument (= karaṇa); Snp-a.7; Dhs-a.215 (sa˚).
  2. preparation, undertaking, occupation exercise, business, action, practice Vin.iv.278; Pts.ii.213 (sammā˚); Mil.328 (sammā˚); Kp-a.23, Kp-a.29 sq. Pv-a.8 (vapana˚), Pv-a.96 (manta˚), Pv-a.103, Pv-a.146 (viññatti˚ cp. payutta 2), Pv-a.285 (sakkhara-kkhipana˚). payogaṃ karoti to exert oneself, to undertake, to try Pv-a.184 (= parakkamati).
  • -karaṇa exertion, pursuit, occupation Dhp-a.iii.238
  • -vipatti failure of means, wrong application Pv-a.117 Pv-a.136.
  • -sampatti success of means Vv-a.30, Vv-a.32.
  • -suddhi excellency of means, purity in application Dhs-a.165; Vv-a.60.
  • -hīna deficient in exertion or application Mil.288.

Vedic prayoga, fr. pa + yuj, see payuñjati