mode of asking, inquiry, investigation, question DN.i.11 (deva˚) MN.i.83; MN.iii.30; AN.i.103, AN.i.288; AN.iii.81, AN.iii.191 sq. AN.iii.419 sq.; AN.v.50 sq.; Snp.512, Snp.957, Snp.1005, Snp.1024, Snp.1148 etc. Mnd.464; Mil.28, Mil.340; DN-a.i.97. pañhaṃ pucchati to ask a question Nd ii.under pucchā (q.v.).

  • -paṭibhāna an answer to a question MN.i.83; Mil.28
  • -vīmaṃsaka one who tests a question Snp.827; Mnd.166; Snp-a.538.
  • -vyākaraṇa mode of answering questions, of which there are 4, viz. ekaṃsa “direct,” vibhajja “qualified,” paṭipucchā “after further questioning, ṭhapanīya “not to be answered or left undecided,” thus enumerated at DN.iii.229; AN.i.197 sq.; AN.ii.46; Mil.339.

Ved. praśna, for details of etym. see pucchati