adjective possessed of insight, wise, intelligent sensible Vin.i.60; DN.iii.237, DN.iii.252, DN.iii.265, DN.iii.282, DN.iii.287; MN.i.292 MN.iii.23; SN.i.53, SN.i.79; SN.ii.159 sq., SN.ii.207, SN.ii.279 (daharo ce pi p.), SN.iv.243; SN.v.100, SN.v.199, SN.v.392, SN.v.401; AN.ii.76, AN.ii.187, AN.ii.230; AN.iii.2 sq. AN.iii.127, AN.iii.183; AN.iv.85, AN.iv.217, AN.iv.271, AN.iv.357; AN.v.25, AN.v.124 sq.; Snp.174 Cnd.259; Dhp.84; Ja.i.116; Pp.13; Dhp-a.ii.255; Kp-a.54 Vb-a.239, Vb-a.278; Pv-a.40. Cp. paññāṇavant.

paññā + vant, with reduction of ā to a see Geiger, P.Gr. § 23