mud mire; defilement, impurity SN.i.35, SN.i.60; SN.iii.118; AN.iii.311 AN.iv.289; Snp.970 (˚danta rajassira with dirt between their teeth and dust on their heads, from travelling); AN.iii.236 (id.); AN.iv.362 (id.); Snp.535, Snp.845, Snp.945, Snp.1145 (Cnd.374 kāma-panko kāma-kaddamo etc.); Dhp.141, Dhp.327; Mnd.203; Pv.iii.3#3; Pv.iv.3#2; Mil.346; Dhs.1059, Dhs.1136.

cp. Epic Sk. panka, with k suffix to root *pene for *pele, as in Lat. palus; cp. Goth. fani mire, excrements Ohg, fenna “fen,” bog; also Ital. fango mud Ohg. fūht wet. See Walde Lat. Wtb. under palus BSk. panka, e.g. Jtm.215 panka-nimagna