1. to bend forth or over, stretch out, raise, in phrase añjaliṃ p. to raise the hands in respectful salutation Vin.ii.188; DN.i.118; Snp.p.79.
  2. to bend to or over, to shut, in kavāṭaṃ p. to shut the door Vin.i.87; Vin.ii.114, Vin.ii.207; pattaṃ Vin.ii.216.
  3. to make go away, to turn someone away, give leave, dismiss Vin.i.54; Vin.ii.303; SN.i.7; Thag.511, Thag.557; Ja.v.314; Mil.187 (parisaṃ); Pass. paṇāmīyati (ibid.) -pp. paṇāmita (q.v.).

Caus. of paṇamati