1. a covering, membrane, lining, envelope, skin film Vism.257 (maṃsa˚ of the liver, where Kp-a.54 reads maṃsa-piṇḍa), Vism.359 (phaṇa˚); Dhs-a.307 (7 akkhi˚ membranes of the eye); Kp-a.21 (samuppaṭana), Kp-a.55 (udara mucous membrane of the stomach), Kp-a.61 (id.); Dhs-a.330 (id.); Snp-a.248 (id.); Pv-a.186 (eka˚ upāhanā, singlelined cp. paṭalika & palāsika & see Morris; J.P.T.S. 1887 165); Vism.446 (kappāsa˚ film of cotton seed); Bdhd 66 (id.).
  2. roof, ceiling Pv-a.52 (ayo˚ of iron).
  3. a heap, mass (esp. of clouds) Ja.i.73 (megha˚); Dhs-a.239 (abbha˚)
    ■ madhu˚ honey comb Ja.i.262; Dhp-a.i.59; Dhp-a.iii.323.
  4. cataract of the eye Dāvs v.27.

connected with paṭa, cp. Sk. paṭala in meaning “section” Vedic, in all other meanings later Sk.