adjective bound to, in fetters or bonds, attracted to or by, dependent on DN.i.76; Vin.iv.302 (kāya˚); AN.v.87 (para˚); Dhp.284; Mil.102 (āvajjana˚); Pv-a.134 (˚jīvika dependent on him for a living)
■ Freq. in cpd. -citta affected enamoured, one’s heart bound in love Vin.iii.128 Vin.iv.18; Snp.37 (see Cnd.385), Snp.65; Pv-a.46, Pv-a.145 (˚tā f abstr.), Pv-a.151, Pv-a.159 (rañño with the king).

paṭi + baddha, pp. of bandh