lit. spreading before, i.e. friendly welcome, kind reception, honour, goodwill favour, friendship DN.iii.213, DN.iii.244; AN.i.93; AN.iii.303 sq. AN.iv.28, AN.iv.120; AN.v.166, AN.v.168 (˚aka adj. one who welcomes) Ja.ii.57; Dhp.376 (explained as āmisa˚ and dhamma˚ at Dhp-a.iv.111, see also Dhs-a.397 sq. & Dhs trsl. 350); Dhs.1344 Vb.360; Mil.409. paṭisanthāraṃ karoti to make friends, to receive friendly Pv-a.12, Pv-a.44, Pv-a.141, Pv-a.187.

fr. paṭi + saṃ + stṛ.