reflection, judgment, consideration Vin.i.213; SN.iv.104 (˚yoniso) Pts.i.33, Pts.i.45, Pts.i.57, Pts.i.60, Pts.i.64; Pp.25, Pp.57; Dhs.1349. appaṭisaṅkhā (see also ˚sankhāti) want of judgment, inconsideration Pts.i.33, Pts.i.45; Dhs.1346 = Pp.21
Note. In combination paṭisaṅkhā yoniso “carefully, with proper care or intention” p. is to be taken as ger. of paṭisankhāti (q.v.). This connection is frequent, e.g. SN.iv.104; AN.ii.40; Mnd.496; Cnd.540.

paṭi + sankhā of khyā