adj. nt. only as t.t. in combination with kamma (official act, chapter), i.e. a formal proceeding by which a bhikkhu expiates an offence which he has committed against someone, reconciliation (cp. Vin. Texts ii.364; Vin.i.49 (one of the 5 Sangha-kammas, viz. tajjaniya˚ nissaya˚, pabbājaniya˚, p.˚, ukkhepaniya˚), Vin.i.143 (id.) Vin.i.326; Vin.ii.15–⁠Vin.ii.20, Vin.ii.295; AN.i.99; AN.iv.346; Dhp-a.ii.75.

a grd. formation fr. paṭi + sāreti, Caus. of sṛ; to move