lit. piercing, i.e. penetration comprehension, attainment, insight, knowledge AN.i.22 AN.i.44; DN.iii.253; Pts.i.105; Pts.ii.50, Pts.ii.57, Pts.ii.105, Pts.ii.112, Pts.ii.148, Pts.ii.182 Vb.330; Mil.18; Snp-a.110, Snp-a.111; Sdhp.65
appaṭivedha non-intelligence, ignorance Vin.i.230; SN.ii.92 SN.iii.261; SN.v.431; AN.ii.1; Dhs.390, Dhs.1061, Dhs.1162; Pp.21 duppaṭivedha (adj.) hard to pierce or penetrate; fig. difficult to master Mil.250
maggaphala˚; realisation of the fruit of the Path Dhp-a.i.110.

fr. paṭi + vyadhī cp. paṭivijjhati & BSk. prativedha Mvu.i.86