adjective “standing out,” setting out or forth, undertaking, able (clever? Vin.iii.210 (dhammiṃ kathaṃ kātuṃ); Vin.iv.60 (cīvarakammaṃ kātuṃ), Vin.iv.254 (dhammiṃ kathaṃ kātuṃ), Vin.iv.285 Vin.iv.290; Cnd.p.46 (for Snp prose part puṭṭha; variant reading seṭṭha) Cnd. no. 388 (in expln of paṭṭhagū Snp.1095; here it clearly means “being near, attending on, a pupil or follower of”). See also paddha1 and paddhagu.

fr. pa + sthā, see patthahati