to send forth or out, esp. on a message or to a special purpose, i.e. to employ as a servant or (intrs.) to do service (so in many derivations

  1. to send out Ja.i.86, Ja.i.178, Ja.i.253; Ja.iv.169 (paṇṇaṃ), Ja.v.399;; Mhvs.14, Mhvs.29 (rathaṃ); Dhp-a.iii.190; Pv-a.4, Pv-a.20, Pv-a.53.
  2. to employ or order (cp. pesaka) in Pass. pesiyati to be ordered or to be in service Vin.ii.177 (ppr. pesiyamāna); Ja.v.17 (ppr. pesiyanto)
    pp pesita. See also pessa & derivations.

pa + iṣ to send