1. a flat piece of wood, a slab, board, plank Ja.i.451 (a writing board school slate); Ja.v.155 (akkhassa ph. axle board); (dice-board). pidhāna˚; covering board Vb-a.244 Vism.261; sopāna˚; staircase, landing Ja.i.330 (maṇi˚) Vism.313; cp. Mhvs.i.249; -āsana a bench Ja.i.199 -kāya a great mass of planks Ja.ii.91. -atthara -sayana a bed covered with a board (instead of a mattress Ja.i.304, Ja.i.317; Ja.ii.68. -seyya id. DN.i.167 (“plank-bed”)
  2. a shield Ja.iii.237, Ja.iii.271; Mil.355; Dhp-a.ii.2.
  3. a slip of wood or bark, used for making an ascetic’s dress (˚cīra) DN.i.167, cp. Vin.i.305. ditto for a weight to hang on the robe Vin.ii.136.
  4. a post MN.iii.95 (aggaḷa˚ doorpost); Thag-a.70 (Tha-ap.17).

fr. phal = *sphal or *sphaṭ; (see phalati), lit. that which is split or cut off (cp. in same meaning “slab”); cp Sk. sphaṭika rock-crystal; on Prk. forms see Pischel Prk. Gr. §206. Ved. phalaka board, phāla ploughshare Gr. α ̓́σπαλον, σπολάς, ψαλίς scissors; Lat. pellis spolium; Ohg. spaltan = split, Goth, spilda writing board, tablet; Oicel. spjald board