1. (lit.) rough Pv.ii.4#1.
  2. (fig.) harsh, unkind, rough (of speech) Vin.ii.290 (caṇḍa +); Pv.ii.3#4; Pv.iii.5#7 Ja.v.296; Kv.619. In combination with vācā we find both pharusa- vācā and pharusā- vācā DN.i.4, DN.i.138; DN.iii.69 sq., DN.iii.173, DN.iii.232; MN.i.42 (on this and the same uncertainty as regards pisuṇā-vācā see Trenckner, at MN.i.530) pharusa vacana rough speech Pv-a.15, Pv-a.55, Pv-a.83.
  3. cruel Pv.iv.7#6 (kamma = daruṇa Pv-a.265).

cp. Vedic paruṣa, on ph. → p see pharasu, on attempt at etym. cp. Walde, Lat. Wtb. s. v. fario