adjective made to touch, brought into contact, only in cpd. suphassita of pleasant contact, beautiful to the touch, pleasant, perfect, symmetrical Ja.i.220 (cīvara), Ja.i.394 (dantā); Ja.iv.188 (dant’ āvaraṇaṃ); Ja.v.197 (of the membrum muliebre), Ja.v.206 (read ˚phassita for ˚phussita), Ja.v.216 (˚cheka-karaṇa); Vv-a.275 (as expln of atīva sangata Vv.64#2)
Note. Another (doubtful) phassita is found at Ja.v.252 (dhammo phassito; touched, attained where vv.ll. give passita & phussita.

pp. of phasseti = Sk. sparśayati to bring into contact