scum, foam, froth, only in compounds viz.:

  • -uddehakaṃ (adv.) (paccamāna, boiling) with scum on top, throwing up foam MN.iii.167; AN.i.141; Cnd.304#iii c; Ja.iii.46; Mil.357.
  • -paṭala a film of scum Vism.359; Vb-a.65.
  • -piṇḍa a lump or heap of foam SN.iii.140 sq. = Vism.479 (in simile of rūpa); Cnd.680 Aii Vism.40 (in comp); Vb-a.32 sq. bubbuḷaka a bubble of scum Vism.171, Vism.259, Vism.345; Vb-a.242.
  • -mālā a wreath or garland of scum Mil.117.
  • -mālin with a wreath of scum Mil.260.
  • -missa mixed with froth Vism.263.
  • -vaṇṇa colour of scum Vism.263.

cp. Vedic phena, with *ph fr. sp˚, connected with Lat. spūma, scum, Ags. fām = Ger. feim = E. foam.