opulent, prosperous, rich; in the older texts only in stock phrase iddha ph. bahujana (rich & prosperous & well-populated) DN.i.211 (of the town Nālandā); DN.ii.146 (of Kusāvatī); MN.i.377; (of Nālandā), MN.ii.71 (of country); SN.ii.107 (fig. of brahmacariyaṃ; with bahujañña for ˚jana) AN.iii.215 (of town). By itself & in other combn in the Jātakas, e.g. Ja.iv.135 (= samiddha); (variant reading pīta) With iddha & detailed description of all classes of the population (instead of bahujana) of a town Mil.330.

pp. of sphāy, cp. Sk. sphīta & see phāti