indeclinable emphatic particle, as prefix only in pidahati and pilandhati where api˚ also is found (cp. api 1b).

  1. also, and also, even so DN.i.1; Vin.iv.139 (cara pi re get away with you: see re); Ja.i.151, Ja.i.278.
  2. even, just so; with numbers or num. expressions “altogether, in all, just that many” Ja.i.151; Ja.iii.275; Ja.iv.142
    ■ cattāro pi Ja.iii.51; ubho pi Ja.i.223; sabbe pi Snp.52; Ja.i.280.
  3. but, however, on the other hand, now (continuing a story) Ja.i.208; Ja.iv.2.
  4. although, even if Ja.ii.110 (ciram pi kho… ca although for a long time… yet).
  5. perhaps, it is time that, probably Snp.43; Ja.i.151; Ja.ii.103.
  6. pi… pi in correlation (like api… api):
    1. both… and; very often untranslatable Snp.681 (yadā pi… tadā pi when… then), Snp.808 (diṭṭhā pi sutā pi); Ja.i.222 (jale pi thale pi)
    2. either… or Ja.i.150; Ja.ii.102.

the enclitic form of api (cp. api 2a); on similarities in Prk. see Pischel, Prk. Gr. § 143