1. thirst Cnd.443 (= udaka-pipāsā); Mil.318 Vb-a.196 (in comparison); Pv-a.23, Pv-a.33, Pv-a.67 sq.; Sdhp.288. Often combined with khudā (hunger) e.g. Snp.52 Snp.436 (khup˚); Pv-a.67; or jighacchā (id.), e.g. MN.i.10; SN.i.18; AN.ii.143, AN.ii.153; Mil.304.
  2. longing (for food) hunger Ja.ii.319.
  3. desire, craving, longing DN.iii.238 (avigata˚); SN.iii.7, SN.iii.108, SN.iii.190; SN.iv.387; AN.ii.34 (pipāsavinaya; explained at Vism.293); AN.iv.461 sq.

Desid. form. fr. , pibati → pipati, lit. desire to drink