= purisa, man (poetical form, only found in verse) Vin.i.230; SN.i.13, SN.i.205; Ja.iii.309; AN.iv.266; Snp.110, Snp.662; Dhp.104, Dhp.125 (cp Dhp-a.iii.34); Ja.v.306; Ja.vi.246, Ja.vi.361
poso at Ja.iii.331 is gen. sg. of puṃs = Sk. puṃsaḥ.

contraction of purisa fr. *pūrṣa → *pussa → *possa → posa. So Geiger,

Pali Grammar

§ 30#3


adjective to be fed or nourished, only in dup˚; difficult to nourish SN.i.61.

= *poṣya, grd. of poseti, puṣ