adjective that which is prone, going prone; DN-a.i.23 where the passage is “tiracchāna-gata-pāṇāpoṇika-nikāyo cikkhallika-nikāyo ti,” quoted from SN.iii.152, where it runs thus: “tiracchāna-gata pāṇā te pi bhikkhave tiracchānagatā pāṇā citten’ eva cittatā. The passage is referred to with poṇika at Kp-a.12 where we read “tiracchāna-gatā pāṇā poṇika-nikāyo cikkhallika-nikāyo ti.” Thus we may take poṇikanikāya as “the kingdom of those which go prone (i.e. the animals).

fr. poṇa2