˚- in compounds: “in a former existence”: -kata (nt.) deeds done in a past life MN.ii.217 = AN.i.173 (˚hetu); Ja.v.228 (˚vādin fatalist) Ne.29 (˚punnata). -nivāsa [cp. BSk. pūrve-nivāsasaṃprayuktaṃ Mvu.iii.224, otherwise as pūrvanivāsa Divy.619] abode in a former life, one’s former state of existence DN.ii.1, DN.ii.2; DN.iii.31 sq., DN.iii.50 sq., DN.iii.108 sq DN.iii.230, DN.iii.281; MN.i.278; MN.ii.21; MN.iii.12; SN.i.167; AN.i.164 sq. Iti.100; Snp.647; Dhp.423; Pp.61; Vism.411 (remembered by 6 classes of individuals); Thag-a.74, Thag-a.197. pubbe-nivās’ ānussati (-ñāṇa) (knowledge of) remembrance of one’s former state of existence, one of the faculties of an Arahant (cp. AN.i.164 sq., and Cpd. 64; DN.iii.110, DN.iii.220; MN.i.35, MN.i.182, MN.i.248, MN.i.278, MN.i.496; Dhs.1367 Ne.28, Ne.103; Vism.433; Vb-a.373 sq., Vb-a.401, Vb-a.422 Tikp. 321
■ See also under nivāsa and cp. Vism ch. xiii, pp. 410 sq.

loc. of pubba2, see pubba2 3