occurs only in one phrase (gattāni pubbāpayamāno) at MN.i.161 & AN.iii.345 ≈ AN.iii.402 in meaning “drying again”; at both A pass. the vv. ll (glosses) are “sukkhāpayamāno” and “pubba-sadisāni kurumāno”; to the M. pass. cp. Trenckner’s notes on p. 543, with the BB expln of the word (= pubbabhāvaṃ gamayamāno), also Neumann, Majjh. translation i.260. The similar passage at SN.i.8, SN.i.10 has “gattāni sukkhāpayamāno” as T. reading and “pubbāpayamāno” as variant reading BB.

Denom. fr. pubba2