question Snp.1023; Snp-a.46, Snp-a.200, Snp-a.230. A system of questions (“questionnaire”) is given in the Niddesa (and Commentaries), consisting of 12 groups of three questions each. In full at Mnd.339, Mnd.340 = Nd ii.under pucchā (p. 208). The first group comprises the three adiṭṭha-jotanā pucchā, diṭṭha-saṃsandanā p., vimaticchedanā p. These three with addition of anumati p and kathetu-kamyatā p. also at DN-a.i.68 = Dhs-a.55. The complete list is referred to at Snp-a.159
apuccha (adj.) that which is not a question, i.e. that which should not be asked Mil.316
puccha-vissajjanā question and answer Pv-a.2
■ At Ne.18 p. occurs as quâsi synonym of icchā and patthanā.

cp. Class. Sk. pṛcchā = Ohg. forsca question