Name of a (Non-Aryan) tribe, hence designation of a low social class, the members of which are said (in the Jātakas) to earn their living by means of refuseclearing On the subject see Fick, Sociale Gliederung 206, 207
■ Found in foll. enumerations: khattiyā brāhmaṇā vessā suddā caṇḍāla-pukkusā AN.i.162 AN.iii.214; Ja.iii.194 (explained by C. chava-chaḍḍaka-caṇḍālā ca puppha-chaḍḍaka-pukkusā ca); Ja.iv.303; Pv.ii.6#12 Mil.5. Further as pukkusakula as the last one of the despised clans (caṇḍālakula, nesāda˚, veṇa˚, rathakāra˚ p.˚) at MN.iii.169; SN.i.94; AN.ii.85; Vin.iv.6 Pp.51. With nesāda at Pv-a.176
■ Cp. MN.iii.169.

non-Aryan; cp. Epic Sk. pukkuśa, pukkaśa pulkasa. The “Paulkāsa” are mentioned as a mixed caste at Vājasaneya Saṃhitā 30, 17 (cp. Zimmer, Altind Leben 217)