1. to clean, cleanse Vv-a.19 (+ visodheti, in def. of puñña).
  2. to sift Ja.vi.108 (angāraṃ p. = attano sīse angāre p. okirati C. so read with variant reading for phunati T.); DN-a.i.268 (bhusaṃ pumanto viya like sifting the chaff, winnowing). Cp puneti.

cp. Vedic pavate, punāti, to cleanse, as in Lat. purus clean, purgo, Ohg. fowen to sift also Gr. πϋρ (cp. P. pāvaka) = Ohg. fūir = E. fire, Armen. hur, lit “cleansing,” see also puñña