adjective requiring expiation, expiatory Vin.i.172, Vin.i.176; Vin.ii.242, Vin.ii.306 sq.; Vin.iv.1 sq., Vin.iv.258 sq.; AN.ii.242 (dhamma); Vism.22
■ It is also the name of one of the books of the Vinaya (ed. Oldenberg, vol. iv.). See on term Vin. Texts i.18, 32, 245.

most likely prāk + citta + ika, i.e. of the nature of directing one’s mind upon, cp. pabbhāra *prāg + bhāra. So explained also by S. Lévi J.As. x.20 p.506Geiger, P.Gr. § 27, n.1 inclines to etym prāyaś + cittaka