that which is cooked, cooking, quantity cooked Ja.vi.161 (tīhi pākehi pacitvā); Vv-a.186. Esp. in foll. combination tela˚; “oil cooking,” an oil decoction Vin.ii.105; thāli˚; a th. full of cooking Ja.i.186; doṇa˚; a d. full SN.i.81; Dhp-a.ii.8; sosāna˚ Dhātumañjūsā 132 (under kaṭh). On pāka in applied meaning of “effect, result” see Cpd. 883
■ As nt. in stanza “pākaṃ pākassa paccayo; apākaṃ avipākassa” at Vb-a.175
■ Cp. vi˚.

  • -tela an oil concoction or mixture, used for rubbing the body; usually given with its price worth 100 or 1,000 pieces, e.g. sata˚ Ja.ii.397; Ja.v.376; Vv-a.68; Dhp-a.iii.311; sahassa˚; Ja.iii.372.
  • -vaṭṭa subsistence livelihood, maintenance Mhvs.35, Mhvs.120; Dhp-a.ii.29; Vv-a.220.
  • -haṃsa a species of water bird Ja.v.356 Ja.vi.539; Snp-a.277.

Vedic pāka, see pacati