(& der.) “petting (or spoiling) the children” (Mil trsl. ii.287) but perhaps more likely “fondness of being petted” or “nurture (as Vism trsl. 32) (being carried about like on the lap or the back of a nurse, as expln at Vism.28 = Vb-a.483) The readings are different, thus we find -bhaṭyatā at Vb.240; Vb-a.338, Vb-a.483; -bhatyatā at Vism.17, Vism.23 Vism.27 (vv.ll. -bhaṭṭatā & ˚bbhaṭṭatā); -bhaṭṭakatā at Mil.370; -bhaṭṭatā at Vb.352; Kp-a.236; Cnd.39. The more det. expln at Vb-a.338 is “alankāra-karaṇ ādīhi dāraka-kīḷāpanaṃ etaṃ adhivacanaṃ.”-See stock phrase under mugga-sūpyatā.

fr. pari + ; bhṛ.