one who has committed a grave transgression of the rules for bhikkhus; one who merits expulsion (see on term Vin. Texts i.3 Mil translation i.268; ii.78) Vin.i.172; Vin.ii.101, Vin.ii.242; AN.ii.241 AN.iii.252; AN.v.70; Ja.vi.70, Ja.vi.112; Mil.255; Vism.22; Kp-a.97, Dhp-a.i.76 (as one of the divisions of the Suttavibhanga see also Vin.iii.1 sq.).

etym. doubtful; suggested are parā + aj (Burnouf); para + ji; pārācika (S. Lévi, see Geiger, P.Gr. § 38, n. 3; also Childers s. v.)