is frequent variant reading for cāṭu-kamyatā, which is probably the correct reading (see this). The meaning (according to Vism.27 = Vb-a.483) is “putting oneself low,” i.e. flattery, “fawning” (Vism trsl. 32). A still more explicit defn is found at Vb-a.338. The diff spellings are as follows: cāṭukamyatā Vism.17, Vism.27 Kp-a.236; Vb-a.338, Vb-a.483; cāṭukammatā Mil.370 pāṭukamyatā Vb.246; pātukamyatā Cnd.39. See standing phrase under mugga-sūpyatā.