to gladden please, satisfy, cheer; to invigorate, make strong, often in phrase (attānaṃ) sukheti pīṇeti “makes happy and pleases” DN.i.51; DN.iii.130 sq.; SN.i.90; SN.iv.331; Pv-a.283 cp. Dhs-a.403 (sarīraṃ p.). It also occurs in def. of pīti (pīṇayatī ti pīti) at Vism.143 = Dhs-a.115
pp pīṇita.

cp. Vedic prīṇāti, prī, see piya. The meaning in Pāli however has been partly confused with , pinvati (see pīna), as suggested by Bdhgh in DN-a.i.157: “pīṇentī ti pīṇitaṃ thāma- bal’ ûpetaṃ karonti”