(-˚) adjective only in combination with appa˚ and mahā˚; i.e. having little (or no) and much defilement (or blemish of character) MN.i.169; SN.i.137 (here further combined with ˚jātika; cp. BSk. alpa-rajaskajātīya Mvu.iii.322); Vin.i.5 (id.); Pts.i.121; Pts.ii.33 Pts.ii.195; Mnd.358; Cnd.235 No. 3 p2; Vb.341; Mil.263 Vism.205; Vb-a.458

rajo + ending ka, in combination *rajas-ka = rajakkha, like *puras-kata = purakkhata. The ˚ka belongs to the whole cpd