speed, exceeding swiftness, galloping, in combination with dava running at Vin.ii.101; Vin.iv.4; MN.i.446 (better reading here dav’ atthe rav’ atthe for dhāve ravatthe, cp. vv.ll. on p. 567 & Neumann, Mittl Sammlg. ii.672 n. 49). Note. At the Vin passages it refers to speaking & making blunders by over-hurrying oneself in speaking
■ The Dhtm (No. 871) gives rava as a synonym of; rasa (with assāda & sneha). It is not clear what the connection is between those two meanings.

for raya, with v. for y as freq. in Pāli, Dhtm.352: ru “gate”


loud sound, roar, shout, cry; any noise uttered by animals Ja.ii.110; Ja.iii.277; Dhp-a.i.232 (sabba-rava-ññu knowing all sounds of animals); Mil.357 (kāruñña˚). See also rāva ruta.

fr. ru, cp. Vedic rava