1. to grow, spread Iti.67; Ja.iv.408 (akkhīni rūhiṃsu; also ppr. med. ruyhamāna), Ja.v.368; Ja.vi.360.
  2. to heal (of a wound), close up Vin.i.206 (vaṇo na rūhati).
  3. to have effect in (loc.), to be effective Vin.ii.203 = Iti.87 (vādo tamhi na rūhati)

pp rūḷha2. See also rūhita (pp. of Caus rūheti = roheti).

the specific P. form of the usual Sk. P. rohati (q.v.). The root ruh is given at Dhtp.334 with meaning “janana” i.e. causing, which refers more to the compounds with prefixes


to be broken or (fig.) to be suspended Vin.ii.55 (dhammattā rūhati the liability is cancelled)
pp rūḷha1.

for rundh (rumbh, rudh) or Pass. rujjh˚; see also rumbhati & ropeti2