adjective common, being of the same division Vin.ii.75; like, equal, similar Mil.79; s. āpatti a common offence, shared by all Vin.i.126 sq.; vīthisabhāgena in street company, the whole street in common Ja.ii.45; opp. visabhāga unusual Ja.i.303; different Vism.516; Mil.79.

  • -ṭṭhāna a common room, a suitable or convenient place Ja.i.426; Ja.iii.49; Ja.v.235.
  • -vuttin living in mutual courtesy, properly, suitably Vin.i.45; Ja.i.219 a-sabhāgavuttin Ja.i.218; sabhāgavuttika Vin.ii.162; AN.iii.14 sq.; a-sabhāgavuttika ibid.

sa2 + bhāga