adjective real, true DN.i.182; MN.ii.169; MN.iii.207; Dhp.408; nt. saccaṃ truly, verily, certainly Mil.120; saccaṃ kira is it really true? DN.i.113; Vin.i.45, Vin.i.60; Ja.i.107; saccato truly SN.iii.112
■ (nt. as noun) saccaṃ the truth AN.ii.25, AN.ii.115 (parama˚); Dhp.393; also: a solemn asseveration Mhvs.25, Mhvs.18. Sacce patiṭṭhāya keeping to fact, MN.i.376
■ pl. (cattāri) saccāni the (four) truths MN.ii.199; AN.ii.41, AN.ii.176; Snp.883 sq.; Dhs.358
■ The 4 ariya-saccāni are the truth about dukkha, dukkhasamudaya dukkha-nirodha, and dukkha-nirodha-gāminipaṭipadā. Thus e.g. at Vin.i.230; DN.ii.304 sq.; DN.iii.277; AN.i.175 sq.; Vism.494 sq.; Vb-a.116 sq., Vb-a.141 sq. A shortened statement as dukkha, samudaya, nirodha magga is freq. found, e.g. Vin.i.16; see under dukkha B.1
■ See also ariyasacca & asacca
■ iminā saccena;
in consequence of this truth, i.e. if this be true Ja.i.294.

  • -avhaya deserving his name, Cp. of the Buddha Snp.1133, cp. Cnd.624.
  • -ādhitthāna determined on truth MN.iii.245; DN.iii.229.
  • -ānupaṭṭi realization of truth MN.ii.173 sq.
  • -ānubodha awakening to truth MN.ii.171 sq
  • -ānurakkhaṇa warding of truth, MN.ii.176.
  • -ābhinivesa inclination to dogmatize, one of the kāya-ganthas SN.v.59; Dhs.1139; Dhs-a.377.
  • -ābhisamaya comprehension of the truth Snp.758; Thag.338; Thag-a.239.
  • -kāra ratification pledge, payment in advance as guarantee Ja.i.121.
  • -kiriyā a solemn declaration, a declaration on oath Ja.i.214, Ja.i.294 Ja.iv.31, Ja.iv.142; Ja.v.94; Mil.120; Mhvs.18, Mhvs.39 (see translation p. 125 on term).
  • -ñāṇa knowledge of the truth Vism.510; Dhp-a.iv.152.
  • -nāma doing justice to one’s name, bearing a true name, epithet of the Buddha AN.iii.346; AN.iv.285, AN.iv.289; Pv-a.231.
  • -nikkhama truthful Snp.542.
  • -paṭivedha penetration of the truth Pts.ii.57.
  • -vaṅka a certain kind of fish Ja.v.405 (the Copenhagen MS. has (sa)sacca-vanka which has been given by Fausböll as sata-vanka)
  • -vacana 1 veracity MN.i.403; Dhp.i.160; 2 = saccakiriyā Kp-a.169, Kp-a.180.
  • -vajja truthfulness DN.i.53; SN.iv.349; Ja.iv.320.
  • -vācā id. AN.ii.228; AN.iii.244; Ja.i.201
  • -vādin truthful, speaking the truth DN.i.4; DN.iii.170; AN.ii.209; AN.iv.249, AN.iv.389; SN.i.66; Snp.59; Dhp.217; Mil.120 Cnd.623; Dhp-a.iii.288.
  • -vivaṭṭa revelation of truth Pts.i.11.
  • -sandha truthful, reliable DN.i.4; DN.iii.170; AN.ii.209; AN.iv.249; DN-a.i.73.
  • -sammatā popular truth maxim SN.iv.230.

cp. Sk. satya