1. believing, faithful DN.i.171; SN.i.43; SN.ii.159 sq.; AN.i.150; AN.ii.164 AN.ii.227 sq.; AN.iii.3 sq., AN.iii.34, AN.iii.182; AN.iv.38, AN.iv.145, AN.iv.314 sq.; AN.v.10 sq. AN.v.124 sq.; Snp.188, Snp.371; Dhp.8; Pv.i.10#4; Pv.iv.1#86; Dhp-a.ii.82
    as(s)addha unbelieving Pv-a.42, Pv-a.54, Pv-a.67, Pv-a.243 passim (see *a*˚).
  2. credulous Snp.853; Dhp.97.

orig. adj. of saddha2, but felt to be adj. of saddhā; cp. BSk. śrāddha Avs.i.83, Avs.i.383


a funeral rite in honour of departed relatives connected with meals and gifts to the brahmins DN.i.97; AN.i.166; AN.v.269, AN.v.273; DN-a.i.267; saddhaṃ pamuñcati to give up offerings, to abandon Brahmanism Vin.i.7; DN.ii.39; Snp.1146. The word is n. according to Abhp and AN.v.269–AN.v.273; loc. ˚e, DN.i.97; Ja.ii.360; kaṃ saddhaṃ (acc. in a gāthā), seems to be f.; Com. ib. 360 has saddhā-bhattaṃ, a funeral repast (variant reading saddha-˚) Thus it seems to be confused with saddhā.

cp. Epic Sk. & Sūtra literature śrāddha, fr. śrad-dhā