the true dhamma, the best religion, good practice, the “doctrine of the good” (so Geiger, Pali Dhamma pp. 53, 54, q.v. for detailed discussion of the term) MN.i.46; SN.v.172 sq.; AN.i.69; AN.iii.7 sq., AN.iii.174 sq. AN.iii.435 sq.; AN.v.169, AN.v.317; Snp.1020; Dhp.38; Ja.v.483; Dhp-a.iv.95. Seven saddhammas: MN.i.354, MN.i.356; DN.iii.252 DN.iii.282; AN.iv.108 sq
■ Opp. a-saddhamma (q.v.); four a˚ AN.ii.47; eight: Vin.ii.202.

  • -garu paying homage to the true religion SN.i.140
  • -savana hearing the (preaching of the) true dhamma DN.iii.227, DN.iii.274; AN.i.279; AN.ii.245; AN.iv.25 sq., AN.iv.221; AN.v.115 sq.

sad(= sant) + dhamma, cp. BSk. saddharma, e.g. Jtm.224