indeclinable prep. & prefix, meaning: in conjunction with, together, accompanied by; immediately after (with instr.) Vin.i.38; Snp.49, Snp.928 Thig.414 = Thig.425; sahā Snp.231.

  • -anukkama = sahānukkama with the bridle Dhp.398; Dhp-a.iv.161.
  • -āmacca together with the ministers Mhvs.5, Mhvs.182.
  • -āvudha together with one’s weapons Ja.iv.416.
  • -indaka together with Indra DN.ii.208, DN.ii.221; Vv.30#1.
  • -ūdaka together with water Ja.v.407.
  • -oḍha together with the stolen goods; coraṃ ˚-aṃ gahetvā Vism.180; Mhvs.23, Mhvs.11 (thena); Mhvs.35, Mhvs.11. See oḍḍha-odaka containing water Mhvs.4, Mhvs.13.
  • -orodha with his harem Mhvs.5, Mhvs.182;
  • -kathin conversing with (instr. MN.i.489.
  • -kāra a sort of fragrant mango Kp-a.53
  • -gata accompanying, connected with, concomitant Vin.i.10; DN.ii.186; SN.v.421; Kv.337; Dhs-a.157
  • -ggaṇa together with his companions Dpvs.14, 58
  • -cetiya containing a Cetiya Mhvs.33, Mhvs.10.
  • -ja born at the same time Vv.81#15.
  • -jāta 1 born at the same time, of equal age Ja.i.54;; 2 arisen at the same time coinciding with (instr.) Kv.337, Kv.620; Vb-a.127; 3 (in -paccaya) the relation of co-nascence, coincidence Duka-pa.17 sq., Kp.52 sq., Kp.113 sq., Kp.129 sq., Kp.145 sq., Kp.225 sq. Kp.334 sq. and passim; Tikp.36 sq., Kp.62 sq., Kp.107 sq., Kp.243 sq. Vism.535.
  • -jīvin (fem. ī) living together with Vin.iv.291, Vin.iv.325 sq.
  • -dhammika having the same Dhamma co-religionist MN.i.64; Mnd.485 (opp. para˚); regarding the Dhamma DN.i.94, DN.i.161; MN.i.368; Vin.i.134; Ne.52; DN-a.i.263 (= sahetuka, sakāraṇa); that which is in accordance with the dhamma Dhs.1327; MN.i.482 ˚ṃ adv. in accordance with the dhamma Vin.i.60, Vin.i.69 Vin.iii.178; Vin.iv.141.
  • -dhammiya co-religionist Ne.169
  • -dhenuka accompanied by a cow Mhvs.21, Mhvs.18.
  • -nandin rejoicing with Iti.73.
  • -paṃsukīḷita a companion in play a playfellow AN.ii.186: Ja.i.364; Ja.iv.77; Pv-a.30.
  • -pesuṇa together with slander Snp.862 f.; Mnd.257.
  • -bhāvin being at one’s service Ja.iii.181 (amacca).
  • -bhū arising together with Dhs.1197; Ne.16; a class of devas DN.ii.260
  • -macchara with envy Snp.862.
  • -yoga = karaṇa-vacana Snp-a.44.
  • -vatthu living together with Thig.414 Thig.425; Thag-a.269.
  • -vāsa living together, associating Vin.ii.34; Iti.68.
  • -vāsin living together Ja.v.352.
  • -saṅgha together with the Order Mhvs.1, Mhvs.71.
  • -seyyā sharing the same couch, living together Vin.iv.16; Kp-a.190
  • -sevaka together with the servants Mhvs.36, Mhvs.43.
  • -sokin sorrowful (?) SN.iv.180.

fr. sa3; cp. Vedic saha


adjective submitting to, enduring MN.i.33; Thag.659;; sabbasaha Ja.v.425, Ja.v.431
dussaha hard to endure Sdhp.95, Sdhp.118, Sdhp.196

fr. sah