adverb respectfully, carefully, duly, thoroughly; often with uppaṭṭhahati to attend, serve with due honour
■ Vv.12#5; Mil.305; Ja.iv.310. The form sakkaccaṃ is the older and more usual, e.g. at DN.ii.356 sq.; SN.iv.314; AN.ii.147; AN.iv.392; Vin.iv.190, Vin.iv.275; Thag.1054; Ja.i.480; Dhp.392; Pv-a.26 Pv-a.121. The BSk. form is satkṛtya, e.g. Mvu.i.10 -kārin zealous SN.iii.267; Mil.94. -dāna MN.iii.24.

orig. ger. of sakkaroti