1. an arrow, a dart AN.iv.107 (T. has it as nt.).
  2. a small stick, peg, thin bar SN.iv.168; Dāvs iv.51.
  3. blade of a grass MN.i.79; Ja.i.439.
  4. ribs of a parasol Vin.iv.338; Snp-a.487; Mil.226.
  5. a pencil, small stick (used in painting the eyes with collyrium) Vin.i.204; Ja.iii.419 (añjana˚).
  6. a kind of needle Vin.ii.116.
  7. a kind of surgical instrument, a stick of caustic Mil.112, Mil.149.
  8. a gong stick (of bronze, loha˚) Ja.ii.342; Vism.283.
  9. membrum virile Ja.ii.359.
  10. a ticket consisting of slips of wood used in voting and distributing food, vote lot Vin.ii.99, Vin.ii.176, Vin.ii.306; Ja.i.123; Pv-a.272 (kāḷakaṇṇi˚) salākaṃ gaṇhāti to take tickets (in order to vote or to be counted) Vin.i.117; Vin.ii.199; paṭhaman salākaṃ gaṇhanto taking the first vote, first rate AN.i.24; salākaṃ gāheti to issue tickets, to take a vote Vin.ii.205; salākaṃ dadāti to issue tickets Ja.i.123; salākaṃ vāreti to throw lots Ja.i.239 (kāḷakaṇṇi˚).
  • -agga room for distributing food by tickets Ja.i.123 Mhvs.15, Mhvs.205.
  • -odhāniya a case for the ointment-stick Vin.i.204.
  • -gāha taking of votes, voting Vin.ii.85, Vin.ii.98 sq. (3 kinds).
  • -gāhāpaka ticket-issuer, taker of voting tickets Vin.ii.84.
  • -bhatta food to be distributed by tickets Vin.i.58, Vin.i.96; Vin.ii.175; Ja.i.123; Dhp-a.i.53 (eight kinds).
  • -vātapāna a window made with slips of wood Vin.ii.148.
  • -vutta “subsisting on blades of grass” (or “by means of food tickets”?) Vin.iii.6, Vin.iii.67; Vin.iv.23; AN.i.160; SN.iv.323. Cp. BSk. śalākāvṛtti Divy.131.
  • -hattha brush-hand, a kind of play, where the hand is dipped in lac or dye and used as a brush (?) DN.i.65; DN-a.i.85.

cp. Vedic śalākā