calmness, tranquillity, mental quiet Snp.896. samaṃ carati to become calm quiescent Ja.iv.172. Cp. -cariyā & ˚cārin.

fr. śam: see sammati1



fr. śram: see sammati2



  1. even, level Ja.i.315; Ja.iii.172; Mhvs.23, Mhvs.51. samaṃ karoti to level Dhp.178; Snp-a.66. Opp. visama.
  2. like, equal, the same DN.i.123, DN.i.174; SN.i.12; Snp.90, Snp.226, Snp.799 Snp.842; Iti.17, Iti.64; Dhp.306; Mil.4. The compared noun is put in the instr.; or precedes as first part of cpd.
  3. impartial, upright, of even mind, just AN.i.74, AN.i.293 sq. Snp.215, Snp.468, Snp.952.
  4. sama˚; foll. by numerals, means “altogether,”. e.g. -tiṃsa thirty altogether Bv.18, Bv.18
  5. Cases as adv.: instr. samena with justice, impartially (= dhammena K.S. i.321) Dhp.257; Ja.i.180; acc. samaṃ equally DN.ii.166; together with, at, DN.ii.288; Mhvs.11 Mhvs.12.
  • -cāga equally liberal AN.ii.62.
  • -jana an ordinary man common people MN.iii.154 = Vin.i.349.
  • -jātika of the same caste Ja.i.68.
  • -jīvitā regular life, living economically AN.iv.281 sq.
  • -tala level, even Ja.i.7; Pv.iv.12#1 (of a pond).
  • -dhāraṇa equal support or sustenance Snp-a.95.
  • -dhura carrying an equal burden, equal Ja.i.191; asamadhura incomparable Snp.694 sq.; Ja.i.193 But sama-dhura-ggahaṇa “complete imperiousness Vb-a.492 (see yugaggāha).
  • -vāhita evenly borne along (of equanimity) Dhs-a.133.
  • -vibhatta in equal shares Ja.i.266.
  • -sama exactly the same DN.i.123; DN.ii.136 Pp.64; Mil.410; DN-a.i.290.
  • -sīsin a kind of puggala lit. “equal-headed,” i.e. one who simultaneously attains an end of craving and of life (cp. Pp-a 186. The expln in J.P.T.S. 1891, 5 is wrong) Pp.13; Ne.190.
  • -sūpaka with equal curry (when the curry is in quantity of onefourth of the rice) Vin.iv.190.

Vedic sama, fr. sa2; see etym. under saṃ˚