the same as sambodha, the highest enlightenment DN.i.156; DN.ii.155; Dhp.89 = SN.v.29; Snp.478; SN.i.68, SN.i.181; AN.ii.14; Iti.28, Iti.42, Iti.117; Snp-a.73 See also sammā˚.

  • -agga [˚yagga] the summit of enlightenment Snp.693
  • -gāmin leading to enlightenment SN.v.234;
  • -patta having attained enlightenment, an Arahant Snp.503, Snp.696
  • -parāyana that which has enlightenment as its aim proceeding towards enlightenment, frequently of the Sotāpanna DN.i.156 (discussed in Dialogues i.190 sq.), DN.iii.131 sq.; AN.i.232; AN.ii.80, AN.ii.238; AN.iii.211; AN.iv.12, AN.iv.405; SN.v.343, SN.v.346; DN-a.i.313.
  • -sukha the bliss of enlightenment Kv.209.

saṃ + bodhi1